About Simply Well

For years I have been passionate about living a healthy life! What that means is constantly changing and evolving but I think my tagline really sums it up.

Refill – eat nourishing, delicious, whole foods to keep your body in top form

Recharge – move your body to increase energy, release endorphins and keep those various parts working properly

Relate – focus on the relationships in your life! Reach out to friends by phone or in person, play with your kids, go on dates with your significant other, have girl nights often – so many ways to nurture the special relationships in your life

Reflect – for me this most often takes the form of meditation but that is far from the only way! It is really about slowing down and focusing on what is important and being in the moment

REPEAT! Keep doing it all again and again and before you know it you are living the life of your dreams because you are caring for all parts of your amazing being!


About Michelle     Michelle circle

I’m so happy you’re here! I am a North Carolinian by way of upstate New York and am loving the southern life! After living in NY our entire lives, my husband and I decided it was time for a change. So we picked up everything and moved to NC in July 2015!

So what do I enjoy? Rustic charm, comfortable clothes, time with my family, fresh flowers, the beach, football (Go Cowboys!), the color red, trying new foods and wine!

Born and raised…Ticonderoga, NY

Lives in…Cary, NC

Marital status…happily married to my amazing husband since 2002

Kids…1 boy and 2 girls

Pets…1 somewhat neurotic chihuahua mix named Daisy

Favorite recipe… Fish Tacos with Mango Avocado Salsa

Favorite snack… make your own trail mix

Favorite wine…shiraz or malbec (I can’t pick just one!)